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NAB Data Breach Hits 13,000 Customers

National Australia Bank has confirmed that it is investigating a data breach which saw two data service providers being sent the personal details of 13,000 customers.

The details are said to have included customer names, birth dates, contact details and in some cases, a government-issued identification number, such as a driver licence number.

It was not clear yesterday if any banking details were also leaked.

NAB chief data officer Glenda Crisp attributed the breach to “human error”. She has said the two companies that received the data have been asked to immediately delete it.

About two-thirds of customers who were affected by the security breach were informed over the weekend , and the remainder were expected to be told “in the next few days”, according to a Roy Morgan report.

NAB said that its security teams had contacted the two companies that received the data, “who advise that all information provided to them [was] deleted within two hours”.

The company said it would call, e-mail or write “to each impacted customer individually.”

It began contacting the 13,000 customers on Friday night to advise them of the breach.

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