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Sony Wants 75% Of EV Market

Sony has outlined its ambitious plans to move into the nascent electric vehicle and autonomous driving space.

At a two day event for investors, Terushi Shimizu, the head of Sony’s imaging and sensing business, said Sony expects to provide imaging sensors to at least 15 of the top 20 global EV markers by 2025.

“We expect to be doing business in automotive imaging sensors with 75 percent of the top 20 global carmakers by financial year 2025,” said Shimizu, saying these 20 companies would make about 80 per cent of all cars by that year.

Sony has ramped up its spending in this area, earmarking A$9.75 billion for 2021-23 on development, three times the spend between 2015-17.

To this end, Sony has invested in a joint venture with TSMC to build a $9.75 billion factory in Japan.

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