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Claims Sony To Launch ‘New’ PS5 In 2023

Sony is set to launch a new model of the PlayStation 5 as of next year, according to sources.

Insider Gaming has reported that the new PS5 will sport a detachable disc drive, saying that “sources familiar with Sony’s plans have shared details under the condition of anonymity.”

The report says that the new body is being referred to as ‘Chassis D’, following the range of bodies Sony has already used (Chassis A, Chassis B and Chassis C) which the company has progressed through to improve performance and fix issues such as overheating.

The new model will boast an additional USB-C port on the back for the external disk drive.

“It will not ruin the aesthetics of the console and will attach to it without looking external,” the report says, meaning the PS5 may look like the current one when attached, and could be even slimmer when not attached.

While previous PlayStation models have all received a ‘Slim’ model, news of one for the PS5 is yet to be announced. However, with the potential for a smaller build without the disk drive attached, this could answer the requests of consumers, regardless of if it has the official title or not.

Other than the detachable disk-drive, the new model is said to be near identical.

The new model is also expected to come at two different RRP’s depending on if users opt to buy the external disk drive or not. It is expected to launch in September next year, with pricing and availability in Australia yet to be announced.

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