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Sony Take Mobile 4K With New Xperia ZX Premium

With their recent showing at CES serving to re-establish them as a serious player in the home entertainment market, Sony used MWC to try and achieve the same for the smartphone crowd.

To that end, they revealed the new Xperia ZX Premium. Boasting a 4K display, Snapdragon 835 processor and 19-megapixel camera – the ZX Premium takes the featureset of last year’s ZX to a whole new level.

Sony says “with so many advanced technologies working in harmony, it is only fitting that the Xperia XZ Premium has a harmonious design to match, making it beautiful on the inside and out. The exterior has an exquisite glass loop surface which when turned over reveals a luxurious mirrored effect on the back. Every aspect of the XZ Premium is unified, from its seamless flowing lines and intuitive finger-print sensor power buttonvi, to the new live wallpaper that moves the elegant loops as you swipe, to the colours you see on screen that reflect true-life colour.”

When it comes to the camera specifically, Sony say “additional improvements have been made inside Motion Eye to the Bionz for mobile processing engine, meaning it detects moving objects more precisely to enable Predictive Capture. Clarity, detail, and texture are also improved to give exceptional image quality thanks to the redesigned G lens with high optical clarity.

According to them, “Xperia XZ Premium incorporates imaging know-how embedded on Sony ‘α’ and Cyber-shot cameras to create the new Motion Eye camera system, for capturing life in ways no other smartphone can.”

Australian availability and pricing is to be confirmed.

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