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Why Would Sony Let Directed Australia Sell A $2K Pair Of Sony In Ear Audio Monitors?

Sony has showcased a wealth of impressive new products at New York’s annual CanJam show, with their new  IER-Z1R high res headphones the centre of attention.

The only problem is that the $2K+ Sony product are tipped to be distributed in Australia by Directed Australia who are better known for cheap bottom end Sony headphones.

Sony’s  Signature Series in-ear monitors, titled IER-Z1R retails for $2,499.95,this is because they are optimised for Hi Res audio reproduction, according to Sony.

Specialist dealers who are more likely to sell this product don’t have accounts with Directed Australia which begs the question as to why these top end headphones are not being handed to Audio Active who currently sell Sony’s top end projectors into the specialist channel.

‘We designed the drivers in the IER-Z1R headphones from the ground up, to work in total harmony together,’ a Sony website says.

‘The consistent sound signature carried out across each driver works as if they were a perfect single driver.’


(Photo: Sony)

(Photo: Sony)

The super tweeter in IER-Z1R was developed to provide ultra-high frequency extension with a new aluminium-coated LCP diaphragm and external magnetic circuit, Sony literature claims.

It’s quick response to user demands is also notable. The product delivers reliable, quick and up-to-pace dynamic transience of music, placing the listener right in the atmosphere of a live concert with impressive, dynamic sound.

The IER-Z1R also feature an HD hybrid-driver system with two dynamic drivers and a single balanced armature driver that is equipped with a magnesium diaphragm, silver-coated copper voice coil as well as gold-plated terminals.

(Photo: Sony)

(Photo: Sony)

The smart earbuds also ensure a lower level of distortion, Sony says, thanks to the use of dedicated film capacitors. An audio-grade solder is also used throughout to ensure maximum signal transparency.

The Signature Series IER-Z1R is available for purchase for $2,499.95 from the official Sony website or select retailers.

David Richards also contributed to this story.

(Photo: Sony)

(Photo: Sony)

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