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Sony Reveals New Customisable Car AV Receiver

Sony has unveiled a new car AV receiver, the XAV-AX8500, which comes with a wide range of customisation options, along with a top of the line HD screen, complete with a unique tilt and swivel mechanism.

It boasts a 10.1-inch HD touchscreen, which provides clear picture quality, and easy operation. Designed with an anti-glare filter which reduces sunlight reflections, and ensures safer driving.

There’s also HDMI connectivity which allows users to connect external audio and visual sources.

The device also comes equipped with a range of other features, including Sony’s Quick Wake Up, wireless smartphone connection for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, as well as iDatalink Maestro compatibility, which connects the onboard computer with car audio.

There’s also support for USB-C connectivity, and the device can play back FLAC files up to 24bit depth, and sampling frequency at 384kHz.

It was also designed focusing on the environment, with the packaging made from up to 90% paper materials, and printed information was reduced to minimise printer ink usage.

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