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Sony Planning PS5 Conference For Next Week?

Sony Corp is reportedly planning a virtual tech event as early as next week, showcasing several games for its much-anticipated next-gen PlayStation 5.

According to Bloomberg sources, people familiar with the matter claim the virtual conference could occur on June 3 (US), with other PS5 events to follow in coming weeks and months.

The company is not expected to reveal all the essential details about the PlayStation 5 in its first presentation.

The news comes after Sony reportedly confirmed it was on track to release the PlayStation 5 for this holiday season, however, had opt to produce fewer units in the first year amidst the economic impact of the coronavirus pandemic.

Commentators claim the next-generation console’s price-tag could deter budget-conscious consumers within recovering economies.

Consumers have been eager to hear the lineup of video games that will launch alongside the PS5. 

It comes after Sony revealed the PS5’s ‘DualSense’ controller in an April blog post, stating it had started shipping the device to developers who are integrating its unique features into its coming games.

The new DualSense controller with Tempest 3D AudioTech pledges to deliver a new immersive feeling to players.

Microsoft has also been periodically offering regular updates on its forthcoming Xbox Series X.

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