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Sony, New 8K TV & PS4 Tipped To Be Shown At CES 2020

Sony who last year had a disastrous CES press conference could this year give attendees a sneak peak of their all new PS4 game console.

Last year’s press conference was all about content and not consumer electronic products now the Japanese Company who have seen good sales of their TV offering in Australia during the past six months is set to show a new range of 8K TV’s.

The Company has announced that they will reveal several as “Yet unknown” products.

The statement released by the company hints that it will be ‘unveiling a unique vision of the future, bringing creativity and technology together like never before”.

Sony is expected to launch an Xperia 3 flagship smartphone this year for foreign markets after Sony Australia got out of the mobile market.

Also, Sony’s next-generation game console, PlayStation5, will have a great chance to appear at this conference.

At last year’s CES, Sony revealed that it sold 91.6 million PS4 game consoles worldwide. T

he company’s first 8K TV supporting Airplay 2 was also shown.

The company also focused on Bluetooth accessories, such as its new external woofer and its WH-1000 headset, which will receive Alexa support.

Among the products tipped is a TV, with a new version of its external woofer and the WH-1000 headset.

The tech giant’s CES 2020 event will be live streamed on the company’s official website.

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