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Sony Launches Affordable Soundbar/Subwoofer Combo

After offering up some truly epic soundbar systems in its time, Sony has now unveiled the HT-S400 for those who just want their television to sound great, combining a 35.5-inch, two-channel soundbar and a wireless ported subwoofer with a 6.3-inch driver for audio bliss without the big budgets.

Given this retails for A$399, you won’t find Sony 360 Reality Audio, or Dolby Atmos, but Sony has included some uncanny approximations that throw the sound much wider and further than the humble bar would suggest.

The X-balanced speakers are rectangular, spreading the diaphragm size, and reducing the push needed to project sounds. There’s two 100W channel speakers in the bar itself, with a separate 130W subwoofer for those bassy undertones.

It supports Dolby Digital, and Dolby Dual Mono, with the S-Force PRO Virtual Front Surround creating an immersive sonic scape that can compete with the more extreme set-ups.

The HT-S400 will be available from mid-April, with an approximate RRP of $399.

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