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Sony Forced To Refund After Major Playstation 4 Crash

Sony who sell their games direct to Playstation players, has been forced to offer full refunds after a major glitch in their Anthem video game crashed users systems.

Hundreds of Sony customers complained that their PlayStation 4 console simply switched off after playing the game.

When the machine rebooted it warned of possible memory corruption and other problems if such an abrupt shutdown happened again.

Playstation console owners blame on an update issued last week but opinion is divided about the sequence of events that triggers the power down.

Anthem is a squad-based, science-fictional shooter that challenges players to defeat a series of enemy aliens or “exos” using the offensive capabilities of an armoured, flying suit called a Javelin.

Social news site Reddit has reported that hundreds have been hit by the “scary” crash.

Many reported that Sony had given refunds for digital versions of Anthem with “no questions asked” when users had complained and mentioned the system crash.

According to the BBC some gamers reported that it did not strike if they manually turned their console off after playing rather than leaving it in a suspended mode.

Neither Sony, nor Anthem-maker Bioware have issued a public statement about the bug and its origin.

Bioware engineers have admitted that they are “hard at work” on a fix.

Anthem publisher EA has also reportedly asked for help to diagnose the bug and its causes.

In a tweet, Jesse Anderson, global community manager for Anthem, said it was collecting information about crashes while readying the patch.

“Some issues will be addressed faster than others, with hot-fixes, others require a client update, which take longer to get ready,” he wrote.

The serious crash reports have added to the generally negative reception Anthem has received since it was released in late February.

There have also been complaints about how short the game is and the lack of decent rewards for those that have stuck with it.

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