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Sony And JBL To Go Head To Head In Party Market

Sony has announced three new models in its High-Power Audio Systems range, which are designed to be all-in-one party sound systems, featuring all-new Omnidirectional Party Sound, Omnidirectional Party Light and Karaoke Ranking.

All three products have guitar inputs and allow for three different guitar modes. They also have Party Playlist, which facilitates shared party playlists that guests can add to via the Fiestable app.

The MHC-V73D offers Sony’s Omnidirectional Party Sound, which combines the front and rear tweeter, the midrange, a woofer and JET BASS BOOSTER to allow the music to reach further and wider.

This model also features the Omnidirectional Party Light and Speaker Light, sending out multi-coloured stripe lighting. Sony has updated the animation program for more dynamic lighting patterns than previous models.

Another differentiating feature of the MHC-V73D is TAIKO mode, where you can play along on samplers, including bongo, djembe, surdo and the Japanese TAIKO drum.

For karaoke enthusiasts, the MHC-V73D and MHC-V43D have a Microphone Echo feature that blends vocals with background music. They also have built-in microphone holders to contain the cables and the microphone.

These two models also have a hard-plastic exterior that protects all side of the unit and four corner protectors so it can withstand knocks and bumbs.

All three models will be available in Australia from August 2020.

MHC-V73D: $999
MHC-V43D: $799
MHC-V13: $469

JBL launched its ultra-large Partybox 1000 speaker (RRP: $1,299.95) and its smaller Partybox 100 speaker (RRP: $449.95) last year.

To add a more disco feel, JBL’s Partybox 1000 comes with a funky full panel and strobe lighting effects aimed to bring life to the party in any setting, while the added air gesture wristband allows users to control the lights with their hand movements.

It also has a turbo-charge feature that provides a full three-way acoustic package for a continuous, bigger sound.

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