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Microsoft Hones In On Android For Dual-Screen Surface Fold

Microsoft has honed in on Android for the development of its forthcoming dual-screen, Surface Fold, with the company bringing development in-house with the partial acquisition of software company, Movial.

The deal appears to be a similar manoeuvre to Google’s purchase of HTC’s smartphone R&D division several years ago.

Microsoft unveiled the dual-screen Surface Duo in October 2019, however, the product is yet to launch.

Now Microsoft has purchased some of the organisation contracted to work on the Android component of its Surface Duo’s operating system.

Thought the entire Movial organisation has not been bought out, a significant portion of its Android operations will now sit under the Microsoft banner following the deal.

Commentators assert the deal signifies Microsoft’s focus on the Android operating system, with the new in-house team tasked with increasing features over time and issuing software updates.

“Microsoft recently completed an agreement with Movial to hire employees across several offices as part of the company’s efforts to boost Windows and Android development efforts,” states a Microsoft spokesperson.

According to Windows Central, the Surface Duo will launch later this year, with the new in-house team already working on the next version.

The dual-screen Surface Duo is tipped to be a comparatively more expensive premium device.

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