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Sony Announce X-Series Range Of Party Speakers

Sony have announced that they are expanding their range of party speakers with three new models in the X-Series range.

The new models include the SRS-XG300, the SRS-XE300 and the SRS-XE200.

Sony say that the new range boasts better bass response and lower distortion levels thanks to the featured X-Balanced Speaker Unit and Dual Passive Radiators.

The flagship of the range, the XG300 is quoted as having “club-like bass”, making it perfect in both indoor and outdoor party settings. Sony have fitted the speaker with ambient illumination which provides coloured lighting in sync with the beat of the music, whilst the LIVE SOUND feature in the Sony Music Centre app is able to replicate club and concert sound environments. Battery life sits at 25 hours.

Whilst the XE300 and XE200 are smaller, they bring the party just as much. Due to their ability to be used vertically, they are able to make use of Line-Shape Diffuser tech found in concert speakers which distributes sounds more easily to a wider sound stage. Battery life sits at 24 hours for the XE300 and 16 for the XE200. Sony have also fitted the pair with a Battery Care feature, which will allow them to last longer.

All three speakers boast IP67 ratings, while the XE300 and XE200 are also tested for shock.

A 10-minute charge will provide users with 70 minutes of play time.

The most significant party feature of the new range is the Party Connect mode, which allows for simultaneous connection to up to 100 devices.

The new range will be available next month, with the XG300 priced at around $470 AUD ($520 NZD), while the XE300 is $361 AUD ($400 NZD) and the XE200 is $271 AUD ($300 NZD).

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