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Sonus Faber’s New High-End Speaker Range Pays Homage To Past Product

Sonus Faber recently announced that something “far more affordable” would be introduced at High End Munich 2024.

This is the latest speaker release from the company, the Sonetto G2 collection, which includes seven speakers. These include stand-mount, floor-standing, and wall-mount options.

The collection was designed to meet the needs of music enthusiasts and audiophiles. These are high-end speakers, but they are cheaper than some of the company’s higher-end speakers, while including some of the technology used in them.

The Sonetto V and VIII models include the cork chamber from Sonus Faber’s Suprema, which enhances midrange resolution and sound quality.

Another piece of technology taken from the Suprema is the Camella midrange speakers, featured on the Sonetto VIII, V, and Center. They feature an organic basket and a Phase Plug for smooth frequency response and clarity,

Other features taken from higher-end speakers and incorporated into the Sonetto range include a lute shape, high-quality wood cabinet, a woofer with a paper pulp sandwich cone and motors with aluminium demodulation rings, Silk Dome DAD (Damped Apex Dome) tweeter technology, Phase Coherent Crossover technology, and a hybrid IFF and Paracross Topology crossover network.

Intono Construction prevents spurious frequencies and distortions and the Sonetto G2 collection features a new optimised bass reflex duct design in each model.

The Sonetto I & II have a front reflex duct, the Sonetto III has rear and down-firing reflex ducts, the Sonetto V & VIII have down-firing reflex ducts, and the Sonetto CI has a rear reflex duct.

Additionally, the wall model has a sealed box design, which minimises air leaks and internal resonances.

The Sonetto G2 series also features several classic Sonus Faber design highlights, including mid-high unity flange wrapped in leather, 45-degree angle top wood finish, metal-finished rings around all drivers, and single-driver dust grills.

In addition to these, the series also features design highlights new to Sonus Faber products, including concrete base (floorstanding models) available with rubber feet, with optional spikes, and round binding post cover, adorned with the Sonus Faber logo, supporting bi-wiring.

The Sonetto G2 series will be available from July 2024, in walnut, wenge, and piano black colours.

The Sonetto I is retailing for A$3,995, the Sonetto II retails for A$4,995, the Sonetto III for A$8,995, the Sonetto V for A$11,995, the Sonetto VIII for A$14,995, the Sonetto Center for A$4,995, the Sonetto On Wall for A$2,495, and the Sonetto Stand is available for A$1,795.

This collection will start arriving in Australia in September 2024 at the earliest, and is available to preorder now.

Other high-end speakers ChannelNews has recently reported on include the Meridian Ellipse, the Elac Vela 2.0 range, and the Elac Solano 2.0 range.

The Meridian Ellipse is a high-end all-in-one wireless DSP streaming speaker, and leverages the first implementation of ‘Meridian Bass & Space’ in a home audio product, providing a spatial soundstage exceeding its size.

The Meridian Ellipse will be available in the coming weeks for U$3,000 (approx. A$4,564).

The Elac Vela 2.0 range includes three floorstanding speakers, two bookshelf speakers, and one centre-channel speaker, available from the Synergy Audio website in Australia, with prices ranging between A$3,895 and A$14,495.

Finally, the Elac Solano 2.0 range includes the BS283.2 bookshelf speaker, the FS287.2 floorstanding speaker, and the CC281.2 centre channel speaker, available from the Synergy Audio website.

The Solano 2.0 BS283.2 bookshelf speaker is retailing for U$1,999 per pair (approx. A$3,105), the Solano 2.0 FS287.2 floorstanding speakers for U$3,999 per pair (approx. A$6,212), and the Solano 2.0 CC281.2 centre channel speaker for U$1,199 each (approx. A$1,862).

ChannelNews has reached out for Australian pricing.

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