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Sonos Shipping Screw Up Gets Worse 30 Products Shipped To One Customer

Sonos are not saying how much their latest distribution screw up, is set to cost the Company with customers who ordered a single speaker receiving up to 30 different Sono’s products in one shipment, with the Company now begging them to return the unordered speakers in their own time and at their own expense.

Earlier this week we reported that Sonos who is investing in marketing, to drive traffic to their own direct sell operation had over shipped stock to consumers, now we can reveal that the issue is bigger than initially confirmed and that it could cost the business millions of dollars.

Sono’s customers have also been billed for the extra speakers due to a major malfunction with the Sonos billing and distribution system.

Customers contacting media Companies such as The Verge in the USA claim that they have been swamped with deliveries of Sonos products.

One customer, who after purchasing an Arc soundbar, Arc wall mount, One speaker, and a Roam speaker, suddenly found a flood of shipments on his doorstep that resulted in his apartment being turned into a mini-Sonos warehouse.

Instead of a single product Sonos has given him six of every item, resulting in 30 different shipments showing up at his apartment building.

Apparently, the problem is not isolated to the odd customer according to complaints on Reddit, with customers also angry that that they have been charged for the extra items with their accounts drained of cash.

Customers have been told by Sonos that they won’t see a full refund until they have shipped everything back.

One customer said that a single purchase had seen him slapped with over $7,000 in charges from his bank account.

Sonos has told users it will provide free return labels and let users schedule a pickup using its carrier, they appear to have refused to compensate customers for the time it will take for them to ship the goods back.

Instead, they are customers to print out the prepaid labels and then cart the truckload of unordered items to a local UPS store (which the company later walked away from after one of their inconvenience customers refused.

Sonos then sent a UPS carrier to one customers apartment building to pick up 30 Sonos products, the UPS worker didn’t realize the customer needed to have 30 packages picked up, apparently, he only picked up one box leaving 29 other products with the customer who has decided to dump the stock in the foyer of his apartment.

The customer who got the 30 boxes of Sonos products claims that the problem has not only left a dent in his wallet, but it’s also damaging his relationship with his building managers.

Sonos who are well known for their arrogance hasn’t offered him anything for the inconvenience of converting his apartment into a Sonos warehouse, besides what he claims is the “courtesy” of free shipping labels.

Sonos has not commented on the extent of the problem or how much it cost the Company.

They have also failed to identify whether their backend systems have been fixed.

One Sonos customer said “Last time I buy from Sonos online. Net time it’s back to a retail store”.

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