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Apple Named Most Valuable Brand In World, Over Amazon

Apple has been named the world’s most valuable brand, knocking Amazon off the top spot for the first time in three years.

This is according to an annual survey from Kantar, who attempts to put a monetary figure on a brand’s impact to the market value of the company. This is separate from direct market value.

Apple’s ‘brand value’ is worth US$947 billion this year, the first time it has been ‘most valuable’ since 2015. Amazon slipped behind Google to hit third, while Tesla jumped 18 positions to become the most valuable car brand, at 29th.

While this is all interesting, it has not arrested Apple’s slide in actual value, with the company losing more than US$800 billion in capitalisation as tech stocks drop across the board.

Apple stock closed at Tuesday at $2.15 trillion, despite briefly being valued at over $3 trillion in January. The company has fallen 24 per cent this year, and is no longer the world’s most valuable company, with that title now going to Saudi Aramco.


Apple $947b (all figures in USD)
Google $820b
Amazon $706b
Microsoft $611b
Tencent $214b
McDonald’s $197b
Visa $191b
Facebook $186b
Alibaba $170b
Louis Vuitton $124b



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