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Sonos Customers Angry Over Limited Alexa Voice Features

Sonos who are facing court action from Google after the US sound Company claimed that the big search Company nicked their technology for their own speakers is now getting slammed by customers because they only deliver half the features found in Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant.

One angry Sonos customer wrote on Redit “I bought the Sonos One with Alexa in it thinking I would get a good voice assistant coupled with amazing sound quality. However, to my disappointment there are many features of Alexa that is not supported by Sonos. I somehow feel cheated my Sonos as they do not mention anywhere that those features are not compatible with Sonos. Such a shame!

He later went on to claim instead of saying “hey our products come with Alexa” but instead said “hey our products support some Alexa features” I would not feel duped.

Unlike most other speakers the Sonos Beam, Move, and Sonos One do not support Alexa’s Routines, Drop In, calling, and messaging features due to the fact that the US sound Company is using a proprietary software for their 16bit only speakers.

Both the Google and Alexa speakers are capable of delivering 24-bit audio so are speakers from Denon and Bowers and Wilkins and the Meridian speakers from LG.

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