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“Something Incredible”: Asus Hints At IFA Reveal

Ahead of IFA 2016, Asus has teased that it has “something incredible” in store, taking to Twitter to build the anticipation.

The tweet doesn’t give too much away, stating: “The time for something incredible is now!”, accompanied by #IFA16 and #Asus hashtags.

An image accompanying the tweet features the sun rising over the Earth overlaid with the tagline “Incredible Is Coming” and the date of Asus’ IFA media event, 31/08/2016.

The spherical shape of the Earth could be representative of a new circular design smartwatch, with Asus expected to unveil its ZenWatch 3 at the event.

Recent FCC filings indicate the ZenWatch 3 could feature a round-face design, as opposed to the ZenWatch 2 which sported a rectangular watch face.

Asus unveiled the ZenWatch 2 at last year’s IFA, and the expected unveiling of the ZenWatch 3 would be in line with recent history.

As to what else Asus has in store, Asus last year unveiled a number of products, and it may well be building to more releases in other product categories.

A live stream of the Asus event can be found here.

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