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Solar Sellers Put New Pressure On Gullible Consumers

SYDNEY: The Consumer Action Law Centre (CALC) has raised concerns about a growing number of dodgy operators in the rooftop solar business.

A record 285,000 rooftop solar installations were carried out across Australia in 2019, and the Clean Energy Council expects that to continue in 2020.

But the CALC says buy-now-pay-later services being offered to customers who want rooftop solar are leaving many out of pocket.

The centre has pounced on two companies – Brighte and FlexiPay – which allow customers to pay for the systems via similar deals to Afterpay.

Because they do not charge interest, buy-now-pay-later schemes are not covered by the National Consumer Credit Protection Act.

CALC said solar panel retailers shouldn’t be using this type of unregulated finance and it has approached the Australian Competition Tribunal in a bid to stop the practice. Brighte and Flexigroup both said they support efforts to strengthen the code of conduct for retailers.

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