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Snapchat To Debut First Laptop App On Pixelbook

Snap has announced its popular mobile app, Snapchat, is expanding to the laptop space with the creation of a new app for Google’s upcoming laptop-tablet hybrid the ‘Pixelbook’.

The new laptop based app will run on Chrome OS.

Matt Vokoun, Hardware Executive at Google, states of the expansion:

“We’re thrilled to announce that the Snap team is working with us to bring an amazing Snapchat experience to the larger screen on Pixelbook”.

Rival social networks Facebook, Instagram and Twitter have desktop apps, whilst Snapchat has remained restricted to the mobile platform.

As the video-sharing app traditionally uses a phone’s rear camera, it’s unclear how the software will function on a larger laptop based device.

By contrast, Google’s Pixelbook lacks a rear camera and only features a front-facing camera for ‘selfies’.

When queried on the matter by Business Insider, the company states it is excited about the partnership [with Google] and would share more information closer to the PixelBook’s launch.

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