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Google ‘Clips’ On To New Camera

Alongside the string of announcements at the Pixel 2 event overnigt in San Francisco, Google debuted its new A$318 small, light-weight camera called Google Clips.

The camera, which is designed to pair with the Google Pixel 2 model smartphone and will be able to upload any photos taken to the free Google Photos app. There are no limit to the amount of images can be stored on the cloud server, and users are then able to make short movies and add music to images stored in the server.

The device will allow users to attach the camera anywhere, allowing it to be clipped onto the edge of any object or surface.

Google also said that the Clips camera features AI machine learning technology, and is able too recognise events and locations and take pictures that are important to the user.

Sharing similarites to the ill-fated Google Glass, which faced privacy concerns from the public because the device was able to take photos without others knowing. Juston Payne, the Google product manager quashed these concerns while on stage, stating that the Clip looks and acts like a standard camera, so people will know what the device is meant to do.

The device will also come packaged with a variety of free web services.

There is no release date yet for the Clip.

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