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Smartphones Replace DVD & Blu-ray, But TV’s STill Top Tech

TV’s are still the #1 tech product with over 96% of Australians owning a display product, this is followed by smartphones.

Research from a global study combined with a US study by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA) reveal that tech ownership habits are changing with smartphones replacing DVD & Blu-ray players.

Smartphones are now in 80 percent of homes with many Australian households owning multiple devices claims Roy Morgan research.

According to IDC and GFK data smartphone sales have slowed significantly in Australia with the market tipped to grow over 7% after only growing 6% in 2016.

“Connectivity — the anytime/anywhere access to information and entertainment we now expect — is a driving trend of our time, supported by the continued growth we’ve seen in smartphone ownership,” said Gary Shapiro, CTA president and CEO, in a press release issued at the weekend.

“Smartphones are our personal hubs for innovative technologies like smart homes, connected cars and voice-recognition services. And, as more of us recognize the ability of technology to change our lives for the better, smartphones will continue to be one of the most pervasive technologies owned in homes.”

According to CTA, TVs remain the most popular technology device, with 96 percent of homes owning at least one. The total number of units sold decreased by 3 percent year over year.

This strong household penetration — also seen with tablets, PCs and laptops — is slowing growth and placing pressure on margins for some manufacturers and retailers, CTA said. Although Ultra HD TV revenue is projected to increase 65 percent for 2017, CTA said it doesn’t expect revenue for the overall TV market to increase this year.

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