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SmartHouse Best Of The Best Awards 2017: Day Three

Best Dishwasher – LG LD-1482T4 Dishwasher

A dishwasher is the sort of thing you want to just‘work’. The LG LD-1482T4 Dishwasher does more than just work though, elegantly integrating many smart and helpful features designed to make the whole process as simple as possible.

Racks can be adjusted and folded depending on what needs to be cleaned, and the middle rack can be raised or lowered to create more space. Plus a unique third rack right at the top is the perfect fit for cutlery, utensils or even espresso cups. This extra space is created by the slim Inverter Direct Drive motor, which reduces unnecessary parts for less noise and greater durability.

Flexibility is key in a good dishwasher, and LG’s investment in this area has definitely paid off.

Best Value Fridge – Hisense 701L French Door

A big fridge is ideal for big families(or big entertainers) and Hisense have a great fridge that has all the space you’ll ever need. Their French Door stainless steel has a big 701 litre capacity, and a bunch of smart features for added convenience.The customisable drawer between the main fridge and freezer can add extra space to either. A slide-away shelf in the main fridge lets you store tall items like bottles and jugs, and there’s even a space in the freezer designed specifically for frozen pizzas.

Plus water and crushed or cubed ice are always on hand with the fridge’s dispenser Hisense’s 701L French Door fridge is a smart and reliable choice for anyone who needs a bunch of space and smart features.

Best Fridge – Samsung 719L French Door

Even with a fridge as big as Samsung’s 719L French Door Refrigerator, sometimes you need a little more space to store extra drinks or fresh food. That’s why Samsung built a customisable cooling area in the bottom right of this fridge.The ‘Cool Select Room’ can be changed from a typical freezer setting to either soft freezing, chill or cool for maximum flexibility. Samsung have built a fridge with a massive capacity capable of holding plenty of food, while featuring a sleek design that can sit flush with kitchen counters.

The fridge also features an ice and water dispenser, as well as a digital inverter compressor.This helps reduce noise and energy usage while also improving freshness, making this the coolest fridge around.

Best Washing Machine – LG Washer Dryer Combo

LG have packed complex technology into their Front Load Washer Dryer Combo to make doing laundry simpler than ever. The machine combines a massive15kg capacity for washing with a 7.5kgcapacity for drying into a single package.You could chuck in up to 7.5kgs of laundry,select the appropriate mode, and then let the machine wash and dry everything with no additional effort required.

One of the best features is TrueSteam,which uses steam particles to clean on amicroscopic level. If you just want to give a single piece of clothing a quick refresh,use the Steam Refresh cycle to quickly reduce odours and wrinkles LG have also designed six different motions.

LG have really thought of everything with this Washer Dryer Combo.

Best Heating / Cooling – Dyson Hot + Cold Fan

Touting a futuristic design and top of the line engineering, Dyson’s Hot + Cold Fan is a unique offering that leverages a slew of cool technical features to redefine what a fan can be. It’s got a climate-sensor, which will detect the temperature of incoming air and will cut out heating once it rises to a preset temperature, and a Jet Focus mode that lets you paint a target for the fan to blast.In a category where it’s all too easy to settle for the tried and true,Dyson have brought real innovation.

A reminder of why they remain masters of their craft, the Hot + Cold is the kind of unique product we can expect to see imitated in the years to come.

Best Dolby Soundbar – Yamaha YSP5600

Yamaha break the mould and open the floodgates to a new eraof high-resolution audio with their stellar YSP5600 soundbar. Built to make the most of the company’s MusicCast tech, it’s packing support for both DTS:X and Dolby Atmos. Working in tandem with these next-generation sound technologies,it creates a unique bubble of three-dimensional sound that’s easy to lose yourself within.

It even offers an edge when it comes to setup,thanks to the automatic IntelliBeam sound optimization system.Equipped with four 4K-ready HDMI inputs, it’s the ideal soundbar for those who want to move their home entertainment setup into the age of Dolby Atmos.

Best Home Management – Marantz SR7011

When it comes to premium AV receivers, Marantz SR7011 is the crown jewel. Boasting a brushed aluminium finish, it’s the kind of prestige product that deserves to become the centre of attention. A small display window provides useful information at a glance while two dials enable easy control. It can even automatically optimist itself to suit its environment with a range of Audyssey modes working to monitor and actively enhance the experience. Most importantly, the upgraded hardware within the SR7011 allows it support 32-bit audio signals.

Paired with a good set of speakers and high quality content, it’s an all-encompassing experience that deserves to be recognized as the best of its kind.

Best Soundbar – Bluesound Pulse

High-res 24-bit audio is the latest craze in the audio world, and with good reason. 24-bit delivers an unprecedented level of sound quality that makes music and movies sound better than ever. With their Pulse Soundbar, Bluesound have delivered all the quality of 24-bit in an extremely versatile package. Six high-performance speakers and two passive radiators help deliver powerful sound.The Pulse Soundbar isn’t just limited to simple TV connectivity like other soundbars thanks to Wi-Fi and and Bluetooth, which allow a wide range of devices to simply connect and play.

Designed to be the sound hub of your home, the Pulse Soundbar is a top pick for sound quality and functionality.

Best Wireless Speakers – HEOS

Not content to just beat their rivals on price, Denon have made massive gains when it comes to the performance of their HEOS range of wireless speakers. Between the amplifier, sub-woofer, soundbar and audio networking software on offer – HEOS delivers.

It’s easy to setup and easier still to recommend. Combining an ultra-white form factor with wide-ranging support for both audio technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS and streaming services like Spotify and Pandora, the HEOS range brings resonant,high resolution audio experiences to not just any room but any home.

Wireless audio might be a brave new world for many but HEOS makes the choice to upgrade an easy one.


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