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Smart Home Standard ‘Matter’ Delayed Until Fourth Quarter

Matter, the new smart home connectivity standard being developed by Apple, Amazon, Google, Samsung and a number of other huge operators has been delayed, until the last quarter of 2022.

The Connectivity Standards Alliance explains this is due to a level of demand that far exceeded its expectations, with a “staggering number of real-world products”, over 130 devices and sensors, that need to be certified for launch.

“In both our organisation’s 20-year history – and the industry as a whole – this is an unprecedented level of scale, scope, and commitment,” the CSA explains.

“Returning from CES 2022, our members and team looked at what’s left to do to deliver on Matter’s promise of not just a robust specification and SDK, but also a vibrant ecosystem of devices. To further improve code quality and stability and accommodate the breadth of Matter devices and platforms, we’re extending our testing and validation events.

“While this will have the effect of pushing the public launch of Matter 1.0 by a few months, we’ll be launching with a larger pipeline of Matter-enabled devices, and a robust supply chain of development platforms for more devices to come.

“We know that a change in schedule, even a small one, can be disruptive or disappointing to everyone excitedly waiting for Matter’s launch – but we believe what will make the biggest impact in the market are quality developer tools and assets, a great selection of Matter-enabled products and a robust supply chain of platforms to build the next ones.

“We also know our Alliance members are all-in, the finish line is in sight, and we are reaching milestones with confidence, quality, and massive support. The biggest brands in the world continue to invest countless hours in Matter, alongside their colleagues from more than 240 member companies. It’s clear to us that, without exception, commitments stand strong for those leading the charge on Matter. And on that point, we couldn’t be more excited, and more determined than ever.

“The ongoing work is really down to quality, stability, and validation – meaning we’re in the home stretch. For the ability to tear down the walled gardens in IoT, accelerate growth, and improve experiences for customers and consumers, we’re certain a couple extra months will be worth the wait.”

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