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Smart Doorbells Under FBI Spy Suspicion

Amazon-owned smart doorbell maker, Ring, has attracted the suspicion of the FBI, following concerns consumers are misusing products of its type to watch police and law enforcement.

Reported by BBC News, leaked documentation found online by The Intercept described an incident in 2017, where consumers covertly harnessed smart doorbells to watch police serve search warrants.

The incident reportedly enabled an investigated person to monitor law enforcement on the premises, before alerting their neighbour and landlord – the smart doorbell brand was not named.

Hacked papers were among those reportedly stolen from over 250 law enforcement websites.

A specific ‘technical analysis bulletin’ leaked document included several challenges and opportunities for police presented by smart doorbells and home security systems.

The news comes as smart doorbells continue to attract the attention of privacy advocates, who have largely been petitioning against consumer rights for footage being shared with police. This latest incident is a turn of the tables, with policy processes being thwarted by home surveillance.

In the United Kingdom, Wiltshire police have reportedly etched a database of private smart doorbells and home security cameras, with residents asked to register their devices.

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