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Slow Moving Sees Dodgy Getaway

What appears to be slow-moving by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) may have seen a telco services provider get away with what appear to be some distinctly dodgy practices.

ACMA had been investigating Sydney-based Solo Network for possible breaches of the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code at the request of the Industry Ombudsman.

It found that Solo had failed to comply with its obligations to sell telecommunications products in a fair and responsible manner on 12 occasions – and on two of them actually transferred the services of consumers without their consent.

During some sales calls, Solo Network persisted with a sale when it should have been clear the consumer could not make an informed purchasing decision or fully understand implications of the decision.

But before ACMA got around to taking action Solo Network quietly exited the market – and ACMA says this means it can no longer take any action.

Let’s hope the agency is learning to move a bit faster when such clear offences are uncovered. – DF

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