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Skullcandy Releases First Noise-Cancelling Headphones

Skullcandy has unveiled its first entrant into the noise-cancelling headphone market with the bass-heavy Skull Candy Crusher ANC.

Available in black or deep red, the new headphones retail for a price of $319.99 (USD) though no word on Australian pricing and availability just yet.

Long recognised for its “music you can feel Sensory Bass’, the Skullcandy Crusher headphones range incorporates a vibrating feature that lets you literally feel the bass through reverberations from the headphones to your skull.

The latest iteration takes this to the next level with active noise cancellation that Skullcandy claims not only muffles ambient sound but ‘plays a critical role in keeping the broader bass range absolutely pure.’

‘Sensory Bass’ vibrations can be raised or lowered via the handy slider on the side of the headphones, which CNET claims can actually improve overall sound quality when turned off completely.

An ambient-aware mode is also present that turns off noise-cancelling to allow you to hear whats going on around you, which is perfect for those moving around the city or on busy footpaths.

Skullcandy is also promoting the personal sound feature that allows for calibration of the headphones through a one time sound test that saves your hearing profile to the headphones.

The headphones boast a 24-hour all-day battery life, with added rapid charge, providing three hours of playtime from a measly 10-minute charge via the USB-C port.

Also packed inside is a built-in Tile tracker so you can locate your headphones using the Tile app on a mobile device.

A wired listening cable is included for those who prefer the old school headphone jack, all of which stores flat inside the included carry case.

Weighing in at just 308g, they’re not the lightest or most comfortable headphones; however, for the bass-heavy listeners that want to block out the outside world with bone-shaking low frequencies, the Skullcandy Crusher ANC headphones are a great fit.

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