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Signify Launches Commercial Li-Fi Connect Lights System

Signify, formerly Philips Lighting, has announced a new range of internet-transmitting Li-Fi (light fidelity) systems called Trulifi.

The system is capable of transmitting data to devices like laptops at speeds of up to 150Mbps using light waves, rather than radio signals used by 4G or Wi-Fi, but most current devices would need an external adapter to receive Li-Fi waves.

The product range will consist of both new lights as well as transceivers that can be retrofitted into existing lighting.

It also has the ability to wirelessly connect two fixed points with data speeds of up to 250Mbps, making it a potential tool for creating mesh networks.

Signify says the Trulifi is aimed at professional markets and could be used in places where radio frequency communication is restricted, like hospitals, or in areas where signal is already crowded.

It also has the ability to connect robots or machines in industrial plants.

“Trulifi underlines our strategy to unlock the potential of light to address new high-growth markets,” said Olivia Qui, chief innovation officer at Signify.

“Through our global presence, large installed base and industry knowledge, we’ll help existing and new customers to leverage their lighting infrastructures to receive reliable, secure, high-speed wireless communication at a very competitive price-point.”

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