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Shower + Bathroom Spy Cameras Sold By Amazon Questioned

Spy cameras disguised as clothes hooks, inside clock radio’s, shower radio’s and even hidden inside a watch are on sale on global web sites Amazon and Temu.

One clothes hook camera listing seen by the BBC features a picture of the device positioned in a bathroom. ChannelNews also found phillips head screws with a camera inside the head of the screw.

According to sources the demand for spy cameras in Australia are booming with some people taking to the legal system in an effort to get Amazon to take down the sale of questionable spy cameras.

According to the BBC, a US judge recently ruled that Amazon has a case to answer after a woman who alleges she was filmed in the bathroom using a clothes hook camera purchased on Amazon.

A privacy expert has said the misuse of such devices may break the law in various Countries including Australia.

At Temu I was able to find a pen and a watch that had hidden cameras built in.

Also on Amazon is a clock radio that is often used in a bedroom with a built-in secret camera.

The woman brings the case against Amazon claims that she is an ‘aspiring actress’.

At this stage it’s not known whether any illegally obtained footage has been used as evidence.

She alleges that while staying at a house, she was surreptitiously recorded in the bathroom using a camera disguised as a clothes hook, which she says was purchased on Amazon.

The man alleged to have been responsible is facing trial.

Amazon recently attempted unsuccessfully to have the case dismissed arguing, in very simple terms, that it wasn’t responsible for how the camera was used.

The BBC searched for similar cameras on Amazon.co.uk and found a number of listings.

One clothes hook camera product description showed it positioned over a bath, another image showed it beside a bed.

Another clothes hook camera has an illustration showing it positioned in a bedroom, and separately in a section displaying potential uses, has an image of a couple arguing with the text “cheating” superimposed.

Also on Amazon is a camera hidden inside a smoke alarm which claims it could be used to help “monitor” an “unfaithful partner”.

There was even a “bathroom spy camera” disguised as a shower radio.


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