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Shoppers Fed Up With Amazon Ads

Shoppers who go to Amazon to search for a particular product or know what they want to buy are now being ‘bombarded’ with ads for products they don’t want to buy, and it is annoying visitors to the giant US Companies site.

According to the New York Post Mike Maddaloni went to Amazon.com knowing exactly what he wanted to buy. But instead of showing him the Synology router he was searching for at the top of his results, Amazon bombarded him with ads for hard drives and routers that he didn’t want.

Maddaloni, a web strategist said searching on the world’s biggest shopping site had always been a good experience for him up until a month ago, when he started seeing more ads.

“Now I have to scroll down,” he said. “It’s annoying.”

According to observers Amazon has turned its online store into an advertising revenue earner and shoppers are “pissed” according to several forums.

Amazon has now overtaken as the third largest ad platform following Google and Facebook.

According to market research firm eMarketer. That’s mostly due to Amazon’s search bar: Most shoppers now go to Amazon first instead of Google to look up products, according to Jumpshot, which tracks online shopping behaviour.

The downside to Amazon’s booming advertising business is the impact on the user experience. Companies and brands can bid to get their products in Amazon’s search listings, sometimes pushing down what shoppers are searching for and making them harder to find.

It risks betraying Amazon’s customer-friendly reputation and irritating shoppers like Maddaloni, who are used to Amazon being the place they go to find what they want to buy quickly.

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