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Sharp Site Crashes As Demand For Face Masks Soar

As questions linger over who will sell Sharp microwaves in Australia, the big Japanese Company has invested in churning out high quality face masks due to the COVID-19 epidemic.

According to Sharp executives the Company’s Japanese web site crashed yesterday when they attempted to direct sell Sharp branded face masks.

In Australia it’s tipped that one of the conditions for relaxing tough COVID-19 restrictions will be the introduction of a mandate that people moving around especially in public areas have to wear a face mask with retailers now scrambling to source stock for the mass market while several distributors are working to supply medical organisations in Australia including nursing homes and hospitals.

Customers flocked to Sharp’s website rendering the site inaccessible as they sought to buy made-in-Japan masks Vs Chinese made products.

The $45 boxes of 50 masks were so popular that the flood of web traffic even impacted Sharp’s connected devices, with users complaining that internet-of-things gadgets from air conditioners to online digital kitty litter boxes were inaccessible.

The move by Sharp to manufacture masks back in February came after they were approached by the Japanese Government. At this stage it’s not known whether Sharp Australia is set to start supplying masks to retailers.

Sharp apologized for the “crowding” of its website with a reference to “mitsu,” a character indicating closeness that has been used in authorities’ daily pleas for people to avoid closed spaces, crowded places and close-contact settings to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

As of this morning the site remained inaccessible. Spokesman Tsutomu Hirano said Sharp was investigating the cause of the disruption to its IoT devices.

Sharp is just one of the Japanese blue-chips looking to grow sales from the Coronavirus, Panasonic has also moved to manufacture face masks for its workers to reduce the need to source them in the market.

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