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Sennheiser Makes Play For eSports Market With New Headset

Sennheiser are known for their highly optimised sound quality more than they are their presence in the competitive gaming arena. 

However, that’s set to change with their latest effort, the PC 373D,

The company is taking aim at discerning players looking to get a cutting-edge audio experience to match the quality of their gameplay. 

They’re promising “incredibly immersive 7.1 Dolby Surround Sound and crystal clear gaming communications” courtesy of a noise-cancelling microphone.

They’re also touting a user experience as elegant as it is high-end, with the PC 373D able to optimise sound at the click of a button as well as toggle between four different equaliser settings.

According to Tim Völker, Director Sales & Marketing Gaming at Sennheiser Communications A/S, the headset builds on the company’s previous strengths and develops them to greater effect.

“As the successor to our popular PC 363D, it is the definitive choice for gamers seeking to be fully immersed in their gaming sessions and that demand a very high quality surround sound level.”

“The PC 373D incorporates a host of impressive sound and design upgrades for the ultimate PC gaming experience,” he says.

The PC 373D is available from July 2016 at the Australia recommended retail price of $399.95.


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