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Sennheiser Goes Hearing-Aid Compatible With SC660 TC Headset

Sennheiser has revealed the latest addition to its high quality Century series of wired headsets, the SC 660 TC.

Designed meet the needs of those with special hearing conditions, the the SC 660 TC is a premium double-sided office headset that comes compatible with all telecom-equipped hearing aids.

According to the company, “With Sennheiser Voice Clarity wideband sound and its ultra noise canceling microphone, the SC 660 TC delivers a superior and natural voice experience that makes conversations crisp and crystal clear – optimizing speech intelligibility even in noisy contact center and office environments.”

In addition to the speaker, they add that the SC 660 TC is equipped with “a hearing aid-compatible telecoil transmitter on each side of the headset, resulting in a richer sound experience and offering the user the greater flexibility of a double-sided solution. The transmitters send a magnetic field that can be picked up directly by the hearing aid, making it easy for users to focus on a conversation without the distractions of background noise.”

Combining the Century series’ award-winning design and durable build with Sennhesiser’s commitment to developing innovative audio solutions for all promises to be a winning combination for the company.

“With the SC 660 TC we have created a premium business headset that opens the door to an improved sound experience and a more productive working environment for users with special hearing needs, equipping them to excel,” commented Andreas Bach, President of Sennheiser Communications A/S.
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