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Sennheiser Gets Out Of Gaming Headset Distribution

Sennheiser has somewhat pulled out of the gaming headset market after splitting with a long-time partner.

In a shock move, Sennheiser will split with key partner Danish-based company William Demant Holding who will take over the manufacturing and marketing of the Sennheiser Gaming Headphones industry, while still branding them as a Sennheiser product.

While Sennheiser will no longer distribute gaming headsets themselves, the company will remain within the thriving channel which is continuing to show growth.

A dedicated distribution channel via William Demaant will maximise retail opportunity, meaning Sennheiser gaming headsets will not be removed from product shelves entirely, online or physically.

However, the change will see Sennheiser restructure its Sydney store to remove several products from shelves come March 2020, as the restructuring of distribution is rolled out.

The Danish company has already appointed a new account manager in Australia to service retailers.

William Demant Holdings is also set to take over the Sennheiser Communications business which manages the manufacture of gaming headphones and Sennheiser corporate communication products.

Initially announced in September last year, the decision to end the joint venture was made to allow both companies to focus on different business segments with ‘full end-to-end responsibility’.

With the official separation planned for 1 January 2020, the company Sennheiser Communications will continue business with Sennheiser, while Demant prepares the transition.

William Demant will take over the business segments of Enterprise Solutions (CC&O) and Gaming including the distribution, which has been with Sennheiser until now.

“The strong R&D backbone will continue to fuel our innovation and thus enable us to bring strong premium audio concepts to the market,” said current President of Sennheiser Communications Jeppe Dalberg-Larsen.

Sennheiser will push its focus on “Smart & Connected” audio experiences through 3D audio technology and wireless microphone technology.


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