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SD Card Classifications To Be Introduced

A new classification system for SD cards is set to be introduced to help customers understand and guage its compatibility and performance with specific applications.

Introduced and defined by the SD Association, A1 class SD cards will require sustained performance of 10MB per second, 1500 random-read input-output operations per second and 500 random write input-operations-per-second.

SD Card Claassiciation

It’s the final specification here that’s likely to prove make or break for SD card manufacturers, as it provides a particularly strong indicator of a card’s performance when it comes to running applications – as they often are when used with today’s tablets and smartphones.

“With its consumer-friendly symbol, App Performance Class eliminates buyers’ frustration with identifying app-running compatibility on their Android devices and micro SD memory cards,” said Brian Kumagai, SDA president.

“Matching the App Performance Class symbol with your mobile device requirements simplifies the process and continues the SD tradition of matching your memory card to your device,” he said.

Exactly how prominent this classification will be for consumers is a bit up in the air but if adopted by companies like Lexar and SanDisk it could prove a valuable tool for both consumers and retailers going forward.