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Screen Mirroring Comes To Apple’s Vision Pro Headset

The upcoming Apple Vision Pro headset is set to support screen mirroring via AirPlay and FaceTime, according to code from the beta 4 release of visionOS 1.0.

The code found in beta 4 revealed:

  • Select a device to mirror content to from your Apple Vision Pro
  • Only one activity is available when mirroring/sharing your view through ‌AirPlay‌ or ‌FaceTime‌.

This is suggesting users will be able to mirror the Vision Pro display to an external device, or share it with others via AirPlay and FaceTime. Other headsets including the Meta Quest have similar features.

The beta 4 also included a new option for resetting EyeSight data, which is the feature the displays the user’s simulated eyes on the external display.

  • “You can reset EyeSight by going to Settings > People Awareness and tapping Reset Personalized EyeSight. This will remove personalized eye details from EyeSight, like your eye shape and measurements, but EyeSight will still use your skin tone where available. After you have reset EyeSight, you can restore it by recapturing your Persona.”

The code also indicates a user’s Persona will be sent to all participants within a FaceTime call to allow others to view the Persona. The Vision Pro can generate Personas through machine learning, allowing users to share virtual representations of themselves, reflecting face and hand movements in real time.

For FaceTime calls, the Persona will be sent securely to everyone on the call. Once the call is over, the Persona can remain stored encrypted on other call participants’ devices for up to 30 days. They will only be able to access the Persona while on a call with the user.

It was also noted Personas, not the data used to generate them, can be stored on Apple servers, and it isn’t accessible to Apple.

In order to create a Persona or personalised EyeSight, the cameras on the headset capture images and 3D measurements of the user’s face, facial expressions, and upper body. The data will not leave the user’s device.

See below some new alerts that could be received:

  • Calling unavailable while in Travel Mode
  • Brighten your lighting to use your Persona.
  • This video has excess motion, and could cause discomfort if expanded.

It’s been revealed the Apple Vision Pro will launch in early 2024 in the US, with other countries receiving it at later dates.

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