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Adobe’s New Photoshop AI Is Editing On Steroids

On the heels of Google’s event, where they showed off their Magic Editor tool, Adobe is previewing Project Stardust, an AI editing tool included in Adobe Max used to move, delete, exchange, or change the colour of items within selected images.

Adobe Max will launch fully next week, but a sneak peek preview video can be viewed below.

Within the video, an Adobe project manager makes it look effortless to select an image, in this case, a suitcase, remove it and its shadow from the picture altogether, and then fill the background as if it never existed.

Users can even replace the image with something else. In the place of the suitcase, “yellow flowers” were added to the model’s hand. Also, users can type whatever they like into the search field to add another image.

It has not been confirmed on whether users can upload photos of what they’d like to add or how extensive the image library is for replacements but if you have photobombers or random people in your photo, they can be removed with a click of a button.

Influencers will rejoice that they can change the outfit they were wearing in the photograph using the new tool to select the item of clothing one piece at a time, or you can even describe the clothes you want to wear and Adobe will supply them before your eyes.

According to the Project Manager named Aya on the video, all of this is only “just a fraction” of what the new Adobe Mac can do.

“This engine is going to revolutionise the way we interact with Adobe products,” she said.

Despite the excitement surrounding this new tool and others like it, some critics worry that Adobe Max and other editing software will allow for more deepfake photos to circulate.

Trusted Reviews Ryan Jones said, “In my opinion, AI should only be used to help novice snappers take fantastic photos, and not to rewrite history for the sake of perfection.”

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