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SBS Delivers On Demand Drama With Box Sets

SBS is bringing more world dramas to Australian screens via its SBS On Demand streaming service, today launching its world drama box sets.

Titles include Icelandic crime thriller Trapped and UK comedy Raised By Wolves, with every episode available to watch for free.

Other SBS On Demand titles include: The Secret, Kabul Kitchen, Modus, Trepalium, and 1864: Denmark’s War.

“All dramas premiering on SBS On Demand will be available in full to viewers – that’s every episode of entire seasons available instantly,” SBS states.

With the dramas coming to Australia screens over the winter, SBS states that more new content will be added every month.

“Along with international hits like Trapped, straight off the shores of Iceland, SBS has scoured the globe and hunted out, hand-picked and curated the best drama content,” David Gwynne, SBS On Demand head, commented.

“We’re thrilled to be bringing Australians some fantastic, exclusive dramas from France, Sweden, Denmark, the UK and much more from 16 June, and it’s absolutely free.”

SBS On Demand, which relaunched last year, features over 5,000 hours of content, available across a variety of platforms.

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