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Samsung’s New Cordless Jet Stick Vacuums Roll Out Across Oz Today

Samsung’s 2020 range of cordless Jet Stick Vacuum cleaners will begin to roll out today across Australia’s major retailers and online at samsung.com.au. The new line-up features dust and allergen filtration, 200W of suction power, a washable dustbin and a free-standing docking station.

“We are seeing an increased interest from Australians on home cleanliness, especially the removal of dust and allergens,” Jeremy Senior, Head of Consumer Electronics at Samsung Australia, said. “With this continued focus on home hygiene, the Jet Stick Vaccum range offers an advanced 5-stage HEPA Filtration System to combat removal of dust and allergens, along with the Jet Cyclone technology to ensure full suction power while in use.”

The five-layer High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filtration system promises to capture 99.99% of dust and allergens, including 0.3~10µm sized particles. The Jet Cyclone technology uses nine separate cyclones (each with three-way, multi-air inlets to minimize loss of suction) to effectively trap fine dust particles.

The Jet Stick Vacuum range is built with Samsung’s Digital Inverter Motor which generates powerful 200W suction.

Optional extras for the include the Jet Clean Station, which allows for the contactless disposal of vacuum dust. It uses Air Pulse technology to extract dirt and dust from the dust bin and filtration system and prevents it from being released back into the air.

The two new Jet Stick Vacuums – the VS70 and VS90 – are sleek and lightweight, making vacuum cleaning significantly less cumbersome than it used to be. They have an ergonomic design, with four available length adjustments. The Z Stand eliminates the need for cords and neatly stores the vacuum cleaner and all its accessories, on top of its dual-charging capabilities.

The battery life has been extended in Samsung’s 2020 models, with the 21.9V lithium-ion battery delivering up to 60 minutes of continuous suction. An additional battery can be purchased, which doubles the battery time to 120 minutes.

Full pricing for the 2020 Jet Stick Vacuums and extras are below:

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