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Samsung Tablet Business To Profit From US-China Battle

Taiwanese trade sources predict Korean electronics giant Samsung will receive a boost to its tablet business as it dodges new tariffs that will hurt its biggest rivals.

The 25 per cent tariff on tablets imported to the US from China will barely touch Samsung, which only produce around 1% of its tablets there.

Most of Samsung’s tablets are made in Vietnam, whereas the majority of market leader Apple’s iPads are made by Foxconn and Compal in China, according to a report from DIGITIMES.

Both manufacturers have production plants outside of China but would need time to be certified by Apple.

Apple’s iPads make up 75 per cent of the US tablet market, and that’s where it sends around 70 per cent of its tablet stock.

Samsung only sends around 15 per cent of its tablets to the US,  but this could increase on demand if there’s a tariff driven price increase on Apple’s products.

Apple, Huawei, Samsung and Amazon are the top 4 tablet brands in the world.

Amazon is the third-largest tablet brand in the US taking around 6.5% of sales, but its tablet business is expected to be hit hard by the tariffs stemming from ongoing US-China trade disputes.

Amazon mainly produce low to mid-end tablets, where consumers are more price-conscious and are more likely to be turned off by a price rise than someone considering a high-end device.

Demand for tablets has dropped amid an increase in smartphone screen-size, with the market now being comprised primarily of elderly, children, and educational customers.

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