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Samsung Uploads Teaser Videos For S9

It is only little more than a week until the Samsung Galaxy S9 is released and to keep its consumers guessing the company has released three teaser videos hinting at the smartphone’s camera functions.

The first video shows fast-paced clips of cars, animals, fighter jets and then finishes with the ‘9’ focusing on a base jumper so it is probably alluding to its speed and focus when it comes to the new camera. It could also be highlighting the rumoured super-slow motion video recording feature.

The second video is set in the dark until the last frame where it focuses on a deer, then a flash happens lighting it up and centres it in the ‘9’. It seems the company is showing the low light features of the camera and the new aperture which will be F1.5/F2.4 for the device and can be used like a DSLR.

The last video shows one central character going through various stages of life like blowing out candles for his birthday and getting his hair washed. The last frame puts the ‘9’ around his face and then turns it into a 3D cartoon caricature. This is referencing its new ‘innovative emoji function’ which is similar to the Apple Animoji released on the iPhone X.

ET News says this function creates a 3D character using a user’s face and captures even small movements will be included, a first for Samsung phones.

The only image about the S9 we’ve seen from Samsung is the one above with the tagline, ‘The camera. Re-imagined.’, so it would make sense all three videos were about the camera and its functions.

We will just have to wait and see what Samsung has in store for the world. The S9 will be unveiled on February 25 during Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

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