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Samsung Unveils New Phone Screens With Notch

Samsung is set to become the latest smartphone vendor to incorporate screen ‘notches’, after unveiling four new display options at its Developer Conference overnight.

Of the four new screen designs, three include some form of ‘notch’ – a phrase coined after the release of Apple’s iPhone X last year.

Unlike the iPhone X or Google Pixel 3XL, Samsung’s screen notches are comparatively minimal, with its ‘Infinity-U’ and ‘Infinity-V’ displays featuring a minor angular dip according to the letter.

The most revolutionary of the bunch is its new ‘Infinity-O’, whose ‘notch’ is essentially a suspended circle cut-out towards the top of the device’s screen.

For consumers who prefer notch-less screens, Samsung has included a ‘New Infinity’ design to its stable of forthcoming screens.

As previously reported, notches have emerged in next-generation phones as a way of enlarging screen display, whilst allowing space for front facing cameras and/or facial recognition hardware.

The design feature has filtered into most new phones released this year (LG, Huawei, Apple and Google), with Samsung thus far remaining the last to hold out.

Despite the innovation, some consumers have expressed their distaste for smartphone notches, asserting they tarnish the seamless nature of large screen phone displays.

Samsung also used its Developer Conference to tease its first foldable phone (read more here), whilst announcing that Android 9 Pie would land on the Galaxy Note 9, S9/S9+ in January next year.

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