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Samsung Unveil Colourful “BESPOKE” Refrigerators

Samsung has begun a “new era of customised home appliances” with its recent launch of Project PRISM at the Samsung Digital Plaza where the company unveiled its new customisable “BESPOKE” refrigerator range.

The range is a stark change from the design of its high-end high-tech refrigerators likes the Family Hub range with integrated Bixby and Family Board front display, set to hit Australian shores soon.

Samsung 2019 Family Hub

The BESPOKE line is built to accommodate what Samsung Electronics CEO Hyun Suk Kim calls a growing trend among millennials to value personal tastes first and foremost.

“With Project PRISM, we are reflecting this trend, and hope that Samsung can become a prism-like medium, able to reflect each and every colourful consumer lifestyle,” noted Kim.

The BESPOKE line allows customers to choose their own combinations of materials, colours, sizes and more.

The refrigerator itself comes in eight sizes: a 4-door freestanding, 4-door “kitchen fit”, 2-door BMF (upper refrigerator and lower freezer), 1-door refrigerator (24 inches), 1-door freezer (24 inches), 1-door kimchi refrigerator (24 inches), 1-door (alternating temperature, 18 inches) and kimchi plus.

There are nine bold colour options including navy blue, mint, pink and coral, and customers can choose between three different door texture options.

Pricing and more detailed specifications were not shared at this time.

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