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Samsung Unveil AI-Powered, Energy-Efficient Washing Machines

Samsung has announced its new sustainable washing machine – the WW9800T washer – which cuts down wash times and energy consumption significantly.

In this new line-up Samsung is adding AI capabilities, which can learn users’ behaviour patterns to recommend cycles and offer a personalised washing experience. The AI Control reduces unnecessary scrolling through cycles to find the right one and means users won’t have to input their individualised settings each time.

The AI Wash feature, meanwhile, uses sensors to detect how heavy and dirty a load of washing is to determine the optimal amount of water and detergent for a wash.

Featuring QuickDrive technology, which reduces washing time by up to 50% and energy usage by 20%, the WW9800T will appeal to the increasingly environmentally conscious market.

It also has Samsung’s Digital Inverter Compressor, which uses strong magnets for a quieter, stronger, and more energy-efficient performance, using significantly less energy compared to a universal motor.

Samsung’s EcoBubble technology helps maximise the effectiveness of detergent by turning it into soft bubbles, allowing for faster penetration into fabrics. This works well for cold washes, which save heating energy and protect the fabrics and colours of clothes.

As a 2020 appliance, the new laundry line-up will be compatible with the brand’s SmartThings app, enabling users to control their smart appliances remotely.

Local pricing and availability have not yet been confirmed.

Samsung WW9800T washing machine

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