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Samsung Unleashes New Chip Packaging Technology

Samsung Electronics fired a shot at competitors yesterday, as it unleashed its new next-generation 2.5D packaging technology.

Interposer-Cube4 (I-Cube4) is already available for customers, and is described as a “heterogeneous integration technology that horizontally places one or more logic dies (CPU, GPU, etc.) and several High Bandwidth Memory (HBM) dies on top of a silicon interposer, making multiple dies operate as a single chip in one package.”

This allows numerous dies to operate as a single chip in one package. It is built upon the company’s 2018 I-Cube technology, which integrated one logic die with two HBM dies.

The I-Cube4 integrates four HBMs and one logic die, and will increase data transmission speed and power efficiency.

“Additionally, Samsung has developed its own mold-free structure for I-Cube4 to efficiently remove heat and enhanced its yield by conducting a pre-screening test that can filter out defective products during the fabrication process. This approach provides additional benefits such as a reduction in the number of process steps, which result in cost savings and shorter turnaround time,” a press release explains.

“With the explosion of high-performance applications, it is essential to provide a total foundry solution with heterogeneous integration technology to improve the overall performance and power efficiency of chips,” said Kang Moon-soo, senior vice president of foundry market strategy at Samsung.

“With the mass-production experience amassed through I-Cube2 and the commercial breakthroughs of I-Cube4, Samsung will wholly support customers’ product implementations.”

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