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Samsung TV App To Reach 190 Million People In 197 Countries

French hi-res music streaming and downloading service Qobuz has launched its first smart TV app exclusively on Samsung smart TVs, giving owners instant access to their platform, which will provide curation and crafted playlists.

Tizen OS, which is the most popular TV streaming platform in Europe, is now set for serious domination, reaching 190 million destinations in 197 countries.

With special content such as bios, album reviews, liner notes and the like, Qobuz is available to Samsung owners for free on a one-month trial, while existing subscribers should have no hassle signing in through a QR code.

“Smart TV apps are frequently requested by our subscribers, so it only makes sense to develop for the biggest first,” says Georges Fornay, deputy CEO of Qobuz.

“It’s exciting to know that our service will get in front of so many music fans and all the potential customers in the Samsung ecosystem.”

Qobuz recently entered Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland, as well as Australia and New Zealand.


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