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Samsung To Roll Out QD Quantum Dot TV’s Early In 2021

CES 2021 which is tipped to go ahead, could be an interesting event with Samsung tipped to reveal a new range of mass produced QD quantum-dot TV’s that could make Chinese made TV’s look obsolete.

Yesterday Samsung Display delivered the first batch of QD manufacturing equipment for their brand-new plant which is set to start rolling out the new QD generation TV’s in 2021.

The transition from LCD to QD is a strategic decision by Samsung Display to tackle the premium TV market in the coming years.

The LCD market is now inundated with cost-effective Chinese products that erode business profitability, whereas QD is rising as the next-generation technology for high-definition TVs.The battle over who has the best flat panel TV has been going on for decades, recent innovations in quantum dots is expected to deliver a new standard in upcoming TV displays with Korean Companies holding patents to this technology.

While the emergence of LCDs and OLEDs ushered in a new age of screen technology QD Displays are set to deliver a new display capability in terms of price, quality, and size claim analysts.

Ground-breaking advancements in quantum dots are enabling LCDs and OLEDs to break new barriers in image quality and screen efficiency.

Quantum dots are nanocrystals that are about 60 million times smaller than a tennis ball, their tiny size makes it possible for them to create almost every colour in the spectrum.

Now Samsung is gearing up to be a key player in the QD market.

“Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, our close collaborative ecosystem with global partners enabled us to carry out our QD investments according to plan,” said Choi Joo-sun, chief of large-size display unit.

“We will strive to produce unparalleled QD displays based on our advanced technology and 20-year-long experience in large-size liquid-crystal displays,” Choi said.
Since announcing its plan to invest in QD technology in October 2019, Samsung Display has partially removed L8 manufacturing line for LCD screens for TVs and recently completed construction of clean rooms for QD lines.

With the installation of 8.5-generation vapor deposition machinery Samsung Display plans to complete the QD manufacturing line this year rolling out commercial production next year.

Gradual test runs will precede full-on production, the company said.

Samsung Display said that it is currently honing the final-stage technologies that will add to its products’ quality and quantity.

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