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Samsung To Release ‘The Wall’ TV Next Year

Samsung is set to significantly shake up the premium TV market, following reports the Korean giant will release a ‘home version’ of its 12-foot ‘The Wall’ TV next year.

The revolutionary “display screen” incorporates a series of ‘blocks’, and with customisation claims to fit a variety of spaces.

Following The Wall’s unveiling at CES 2018, Samsung will reportedly release a home version next year, for a cost “cheaper than people think”.

As per The Korea HeraldPresident of Samsung’s Visual Display business, Han Jong-hee, claims The Wall should not be thought of as a TV, but a versatile display screen.

Jong-hee claims Samsung has completed the device’s micro LED technology, and are amidst raising production yields.

Micro LED is much smaller than current LEDs in TVs, representing a momentous milestone for Samsung’s innovation trajectory.

Featured in The Wall, micro LED eliminates the need for backlights or colour filters.

Jong-hee asserts the word ‘TV’ should not be used for future products, with consumers able to interact with The Wall as any versatile smart display screen.

The Wall home version will reportedly be 30mm thick or less.

As previously reported, LG has revealed it’s working on a rollable OLED ‘TV’ screen. Commentators predict Samsung’s The Wall may compete with that premium display device.

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