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Samsung To Release Half Terabyte Memory Stick

Making use of more efficient layer stacking technology, Samsung’s newly announced DDR5 RAM chips boast capacities as high as 512GB on a single stick. The Korean tech giant are hoping to pioneer the industry development of DDR5, after establishing themselves as one of the top suppliers of DDR4.

The advancements in efficiency come thanks to improvements in the company’s layer stacking memory packing technology. This technology is already used in their DDR4 RAM, however, DDR5 proves to be much more efficient, with over twice the capacity thanks to smaller gaps between stacks and thinner wafers.

Credit: Samsung

Samsung claim that DDR5 is twice as fast as DDR4, with speeds said to reach over 6400Mbps.

While power concerns may come into play for many, with the latest GPU’s thought to use dramatically more power than previous generations, Samsung say that their DDR5 technology is 30% more power efficient than DDR4, with lower voltage requirements.


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