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Samsung To Release A Mid-Range Foldable Next Year

In an attempt to gain millions of more customers, Samsung may take on the strategy of expanding its foldable range next year. The smartphone titan is planning the launch of a more affordable Galaxy Fold or Flip, with mid-range specifications. 

The company has been trying to lower prices of the Z Flip and Fold phones, however, they still cost between $500 and $900 AUD, for the 3rd and 4th generations. 

Despite Samsung having refined the production processes, it doesn’t seem like the cost of its smartphones will be lowered right now. 

A mid-range foldable is the way to cut costs elsewhere, as it will likely have internals and cameras similar to the mid-range Samsung A-Series, which includes phones like the Galaxy A54. 

The company could also use a less premium version of the technology; however, it remains unclear if such a product is under way. 

Experts believe because the tech giant is five generations into the Fold and Flip phones, now seems like the right time to diversify Samsung’s product range, to get more consumers on board. 

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